Empowering Voices in Technology

Talofa and welcome to my corner of the world! I’m Santina, a Pasifika rainbow wahine (woman) in technology, a mother, a wife, and a lifelong learner. My leadership journey is rooted in authenticity, where I believe in being true to myself and transparent with others. With a diverse range of experience in technology, from start-ups to enterprises, I’ve held various platform and software engineering roles. I’m dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that prioritises engineering practice, craftsmanship, and a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and safety.

What You’ll Find Here

In my blog, you’ll discover insights from my journey as a leader in the tech industry, tips for effective mentoring, and best practices for engineering excellence. I’ll also share initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented groups, highlights from community events, and snippets of my personal creative projects and family moments.

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I would love to hear your thoughts, and am passionate about cultivating a supportive and inclusive tech community. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, a seasoned leader, or someone interested in the tech industry, I invite you to join the conversation. Follow me on LinkedIn, and feel free to reach out with your thoughts and questions.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!