Talofa Lava! O a’u o Santina Blair.

Welcome to my corner of the world! I am a passionate technologist, mentor, and advocate for Equity, diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. With over a decade of experience spanning start-ups to large enterprises, I’ve honed my skills in platform and software engineering, leadership, and cloud technology.

I’m passionate about leading the way in software innovation and creating a collaborative, inventive, and learning-focused environment. In my role, I focus on driving strategic initiatives, developing tailored learning pathways across various engineering specialties, and ensuring that our technological practices meet regional and global standards.

As a proud Pacifica rainbow wahine woman, I chair the EDI Pasifika Group (Ora Moana) within my organisation, advocating for underrepresented voices across technology & business. I believe that diversity enriches our perspectives and that inclusive cultures drive better outcomes for everyone. My passion extends to mentoring the next generation of tech talent through initiatives like P-Tech and Girlboss, where I help young minds see their potential in the technical world.

When I’m not immersed in technology and community work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family—my wife Judy and our son Tarek. We love playing board games and watching movies together. I also channel my creativity into arts and crafts, particularly scrapbooking and creating personalized special edition books through rebinding, t-shirts, and cards.

Join me on this journey as I continue to learn, grow, and contribute to a more inclusive and empowering tech community.