Welcome to my blog series, “Leading with Purpose: A Decade of Insights & Lessons in Technology.” This series is a reflection on my journey over the past ten years, sharing the experiences and lessons that have shaped me into the leader I am today.

As a single mother, raising my son Tarek, I’ve been inspired daily by his joy—always smiling, even in nervous moments. Watching him on Christmas Day 2012, content with our simple circumstances, I was struck by a profound realisation. I wanted to show him that with determination, he could achieve anything. As the New Year of 2013 rang in, I made a resolution to lead by example. I decided to pivot my career towards something that truly excited and challenged me—technology.

Growing up as a millennial, I’ve witnessed the astonishing pace of technological evolution—from the era of boxed TVs and Atari consoles to today’s PlayStations, flat screens, and smartphones. This rapid transformation sparked my curiosity and drove me to immerse myself fully in the tech world.

This series celebrates the challenges I’ve overcome and the reflections that have moulded me. I’ve had the privilege of learning from amazing mentors who showed me the type of leader I want to show up as and what good looks like in engineering and leadership. Their guidance has helped me understand the type of leader I aspire to be.

Being a diverse leader in technology hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve faced imposter syndrome, battled introversion, and unconscious bias, which taught me valuable lessons about myself and what it means to have true grit.

Throughout this series, I will share ten blogs encapsulating my experiences and the invaluable insights that now reside in my toolkit. I look forward to being vulnerable, sharing my journey, and expressing my gratitude to those who have taught, mentored, and supported me along the way. For a sneak peek, here are a few of the titles within the series. Enjoy!

  1. Authentic Leadership: Embracing Your True Self
  2. From Chaos to Clarity: Finding Direction and Value
  3. Engineering Capability Pathways: Creating a Robust Learning Ecosystem

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you, celebrating the highs, reflecting on the lows, and uncovering the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Stay tuned for the first blog post next week!